Slip™ is thrilled to announce its partnership with the super-cool, super-stylish, Ohio born - L.A. based mega-babe, Stephanie Shepherd (A.K.A Steph Shep).

Above: Steph wears slip™ pure silk luxury sleep robe in pink. 

Featured: Steph relaxes in bed with her slip™ silk pillowcase, wearing her J BRAND Jeans (of which she is the designer and face of).

As one of the most talked about new faces in fashion and beauty Stephanie Shepherd has emerged as a designer, a lifestyle expert and a monthly columnist for both ELLE and POOSH, Kourtney Kardashian’s latest business venture.  

Shepherd pairs her social influence with an enthusiasm for social activism. As an ambassador to “The Climate Reality Project”, spearheaded by Al Gore, she advocates for climate change education. Additionally, Stephanie is an ambassador for “Days For Girls” and has joined “Khana” as their Strategic Advisor.  

With a work and travel schedule as busy as Shepherds, slip™ is thrilled to allow Steph to rest assured knowing she is getting an eight-hour beauty treatment every night. Slip™ is there to help keep Steph looking and feeling her very best. "I love Steph and have been following her career for years. When I heard she used our products it sounded like a great fit," says Stewart. [Fiona Stewart, slip™ Co-Founder & CEO]. 

Above: Steph wears slip™ pure silk luxury sleep robe in white. 

To celebrate her exciting new role as slip™ brand ambassador we took ten with Steph to chat all things beauty and more...


Tell us your favourite and why:

1. Drink: My favorite drink is half coconut milk, half iced tea! No sugar! It’s just enough caffeine without sending me over the edge lol. 

2. Food: My favorite food is pasta. Always a marinara or arrabiata.

3. Smell: My favorite smell is Maison Margiela: Jazz Club. Because that’s what my man wears.

4. Person: My favorite person is Scotty Cunha. He has the BEST energy at all times. He’s the most fun to be around!

5. Mentor: My mentor is Cara Santana. She is my best friend and confidant! She has the most sound advice and is always, always there for me!

6: Beauty Secret: One of my beauty secrets is … oh if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret! 

7: Animal: My favorite animal is a dog I guess. Oh or a pig. Or a bunny! I also am fascinated with gecko lizards.

8: Time of Day: My favorite time of the day is 7pm. Because the sunsets in LA are really magical.

9. Place: My favorite place is my home. I’m a real homebody these days. I love my postmates and CNN with Don Lemon and my bed- ideally all at the same time.

10. Beauty Product: My favorite beauty product right now is this Surat Brow Pomade. You’ll never use another brow gel again after you try this stuff.