Marie Claire - Beauty Game Changers 2022

Marie Claire - Beauty Game Changers 2022

Make room for the @marieclairemag 2022 Beauty Game-Changers Awards.

​'The future looks bright for the beauty industry. But cosmetics are more than trendy ingredients in fancy packaging; they’re the doorway to cultural insights, and the building blocks of personal enhancement. At the heart of the industry sit professionals who are hyper-aware of innovation. The experts who constantly test (and re-test) product efficacy. The trendsetters reinventing the beauty wheel. Here, the top connoisseurs in the field share their game-changing finds from the past year.'

​And the award goes to... the slip® pure silk scrunchie! ​Thank you to Marie Claire and the Experts panel for naming our scrunchies one of your 'Beauty Game-Changers' of the year under the hair category. 

​​These scrunchies are the most gentle scrunchies to sleep in.